Launching JPhys+

JPhys+ Launch Bubby

Let’s enjoy some bubbly. I hope nobody shook this..

Late last week  we enjoyed the JPhys+ launch party here at IOP Publishing headquarters in Bristol, UK. Staff from across the company  joined us for the occasion and much cake and sparkling wine was enjoyed by all.

We talked about the latest news and events happening with the Journal of Physics series, how we can give something back to the community, and Steven Brett and I talked about you, our readers. It turns out that in just a few weeks we’ve been visited from over 60 countries and had thousands of page views – reflecting the international nature of our journals.

It also seems you like reading about people. Our featured blog on Dorje Brody particularly caught your attention, and we’re glad you enjoyed the read. But what else do you want to see? We’ve heard from some of you already, but we always welcome more feedback and ideas! So if you have any comments or suggestions then get in touch.

CC-BY logo This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License Image credit: James Dacey, IOP Publishing

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