JPCM Spring into action at E-MRS Lille

From 12-14 May I will be attending the E-MRS (European Materials Research Society) Spring meeting in Lille, on behalf of JPCM.  There will also be representatives from EPL and Nanotechnology, so please pop along to booth 70 in the exhibition hall and meet us.

Cœur de Lille, courtesy of couscouschocolat

Cœur de Lille

The conference promises to cover a vast array of topics, from bioinspired materials to solar energy research.  And presented talks and posters will range from the fundamental to devices to fabrication techniques.

I’m excited to be visiting Lille which, incidentally, is the birthplace of Physics Nobel Prize winner Jean Baptiste Perrin.  He picked up his prize for research on Brownian motion which verified Einstein’s work and confirmed the atomic nature of matter. It is apt that one of the sessions at E-MRS covers Brownian motion; still a hot topic 89 years after Perrin claimed the prize.


Image by couscouschocolat, published under a CC BY 2.0 license.

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