Phonon fun in Paris

Next week is the third edition of the biennial phononics conference, Phononics 2015. The conference, originating from a workshop on phononic crystals, now covers all related disciplines. This year’s conference focusses on 6 key themes:

  • Phonic crystals
  • Acoustic metamaterials
  • Wave propagation in periodic structures
  • Nano-scale phonon transport and thermal metamaterials
  • Optomechanics and phonon coupling
  • Nanophononics

Other than the Eiffel Tower and Mona Lisa, there will be lots to go see including the plenary talks from David Cahill (University of Illinois), Nicholas Fang (MIT), Philip St. J. Russell (Max Plank Institute), Edwin Thomas (Rice University) and Martin Wegener (KIT Institute of Applied Physics).

I will be attending Phononics 2015 on behalf of JPCM so please come and see all we have to offer at the IOP Publishing exhibition stand from 1-5 June.

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