Are you going to SPP7?

I’ve booked my travel, packed my case and am now counting down the hours until I set foot in Jerusalem for Surface Plasmon Photonics 7.

I’m excited by this on two fronts. It has been a couple of years since I’ve attended a conference on nanophotonics and plasmonics and although I’ve partially followed the field of research I’m looking forward to the chance to get to know in more detail what is going on now. Especially to what extent the issues of loss have been addressed in recent years, are there new materials being explored and what amazing structures will have been produced and properties tested. I’ll be reading JPhysD’s Aluminium Plasmonics issue on the flight over in preparation. In such a fast moving field I suspect I will have a steep learning curve next week.

If you are an author or referee for any IOP Publishing title I’d be especially pleased to meet with you to hear about your experiences with IOP Publishing.

This is also my first time in Jerusalem. I’ve been fortunate to travel extensively in my job but never before to Israel. I have a few tourist plans post conference and will be visiting the Weizmann Institute the Tuesday after the conference to see at first hand the work they do and also to share my experience of publishing with some of their early career researchers.

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