The challenges of preparing dilute ferromagnetic semiconductors

In a recent topical review published in JPhysD, Shengqiang Zhou, from Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) in Dresden Germany, discusses the challenges associated with preparing dilute ferromagnetic semiconductor (DFS) materials, which combine semiconducting and ferromagnetic properties. The review examines the benefits of employing ion implantation followed by pulsed laser melting (II-PLM) to fabricate a number of materials over the  widely used low-temperature molecular beam epitaxy (LT-MBE).

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Image: Schematic representation of a magnetic semiconductor (left), a conventional compound semiconductor (middle) and a diluted magnetic semiconductor (right). Adapted from

Shengqiang Zhou 2015 J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 48 263001. Copyright IOP Publishing 2015.

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