JPCM Special Issue on Patchy Particles

The design and production of colloidal particles with heterogeneously patterned surfaces, which realise self-assembled structures with desired properties, presents many opportunities and challenges for physicists today. A recent Patchy Particles special section in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter highlights some recent developments in this area of colloidal sciences.

In the special section Preface, Guest Editors Emanuela Bianchi, Gerhard Kahl, Christos N Likos and Francesco Sciortino provide a fantastic overview of the field and the collaborative research it inspires.

“In recent years, considerable progress has been made in tailoring the colloidal surface patterns during the experimental synthesis processes. However, the impressive potentialities offered by these new experimental achievements need information about how to optimize the design of patchy particles in order to realize self-assembled structures with desired properties. Thus, a close cooperation between experimentalists on one side and theoreticians and computer simulators on the other side is of great importance.”


The JPCM editorial team invite readers to explore the contents of this special section here.


Front page thumnail image adapted from Figure 3a, P D J van Oostrum et al 2015 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 27 234105. Copyright IOP Publishing 2015.

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