May’s LabTalks in JPhysB

Throughout May, JPhysB published a number of LabTalks.  LabTalks are written by researchers based on work they have published in the journal and give quick introductions to key results.  They are also all free to read!  You can find them here.

Here is a summary of what we published last month:

Identifying Efimov states in atomic mixtures

Efimov states containing mixtures of atoms of different masses have recently been observed experimentally.  In their LabTalk, M Mikkelson et al discuss their recent JPhysB paper presenting a theoretical model to calculate the experimentally observed recombination rates for these kinds of mixtures.  The model is built on an optical potential, which is rare in cold atomic gas theory.

Disentangling interference effects in atomic fragmentation processes

Researchers from the Missouri University of Science and Technology discuss a new method for separating molecular two-centre and atomic single-centre interference in atomic fragmentation processes.  In their paper in JPhysB they report a kinematically complete experiment which allows them the separate the intereference term to distinguish the two types of intereference.

Fano-Lichten model applied to Rydberg states

Hyun-Jin Kim and Chun-Woo Lee highlight important results of their recent paper, using the promotion model to study Rydberg series of Lithium to reveal simplicity in the complicated electronic structure.

Transparent control of few-body selective quantum tunneling via unusual states

Examining a few-particle in a driven double-well system,  Yunrong Luo et al  construct some unusual analytical solutions and realise the transparent control of few-body selective quantum tunneling in the high-frequency approximation.  This LabTalk is based on their recent paper in JPhysB in which they suggest a scheme to transparently control the selective tunneling of three bosons between wells, the results of which could be experimentally realised.

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