JPhysB in Riga

I will be representing JPhysB next week at the 47th edition of the European Group on Atomic Systems (EGAS47) conference in the beautiful city of Riga, Latvia.

J Phys B in Riga

Livoniæ descrip(tio)

The topics covered will include: Fundamental physics with atoms/molecules, Mesoscopic quantum systems, Cold atoms and quantum gases, High-resolution spectroscopy/Molecular physics, Quantum optics/information including cold ions, Photophysics of atoms and ions and AMO and FEL physics at large facilities, Ultrafast processes as well as Applications of AMO Physics: Astrophysics, sensors, plasma physics and more.

Please come by and meet me at the IOP stand where I will be, when not attending talks or looking at the posters, from Tuesday 14 (Bastille Day) until Friday morning, 17 July.



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