First articles for R J Baxter’s 75th birthday issue are in!

Join us as we explore some of the latest developments in exactly solved models in statistical mechanics inspired by the remarkable work of Rodney Baxter. His illustrious findings, including the invention of powerful techniques for calculating physical properties and solutions to key models, have provided a platform upon which many further advances in mathematical physics have grown.

Here’s a flavour of some of the work already available:

Algebraic Bethe ansatz for Q-operators: the Heisenberg spin chain

In his paper Rouven Frassek applies the Yang–Baxter equation to show that Q-operators act diagonally on the Bethe vectors if the Bethe equations are satisfied and, subsequently provides a direct proof that the eigenvalues of the Q-operators studied are given by Baxter’s Q-functions.

The insertion points and path of a non-local operator

The insertion points and path of a non-local operator

Discrete holomorphicity in the chiral Potts model

Yacine Ikhlef from UPMC University, Paris and Robert Weston from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh use integrability and symmetry of the Chiral Potts model to investigate observations in the FZ clock model and extend the Cauchy–Riemann equations.

Plus, some academic and personal reminiscences from Rodney Baxter.

Don’t forget to keep checking back as this momentous collection continues to grow.


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