Celebrating Australia’s National Science Week

Flag_of_AustraliaFrom the 15th-23rd August Australia celebrated its National Science Week with festivals, demonstrations, walks, performances and open days across the country. The event presented a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of Australian scientists and to encourage an interest in science pursuits among the general public and young people.

At JPhysA we work with many revered Australian authors and publish remarkable research across several key fields; some of which is highlighted below. We are also fortunate enough to have two editorial board members from Australia: Murray Batchelor and Peter Jarvis.

Murray Batchelor from Chongqing University, China and Australian National University, is the journal’s Topical Reviews editor. His work covers various aspects of mathematical and theoretical physics, chiefly on integrability. As well as having published many papers with the journal, Batchelor is currently guest editing a special issue for the journal with Vladimir Bazhanov and Vladimir Mangazeev, and has written an entry for the JPhys+ blog.

Peter Jarvis works within the theoretical physics group at the University of Tasmania. He has an extensive publication history with JPhysA spanning a variety of key fields. In this Insight: Supersymmetry without superpartners, he discusses the story behind his work and what he hopes to achieve next.

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Rodney Baxter is one of the journals most respected authors. Our latest special issue: Exactly Solved Models and Beyondpublished in honour of his 75th birthday, is comprised of articles which reflect the ongoing influence of his work. Read ‘Some academic and personal reminiscences‘ from Baxter himself or see a round up of his publications on the Jphys+ blog.

Tony Guttmann from the University of Melbourne is a member of the JPhysA advisory panel. Selected for his scientific standing, expertise and contribution to the journal, Guttmann is a leading figure in the mathematical physics community in Australia and our most prolific author. Guttmann 2015 is a conference being held in Newcastle, Australia in December to celebrate statistical mechanics, combinatorics and Guttmann’s 70th birthday.

Peter Forrester has been involved with JPhysA for many years. Currently based at The University of Melbourne he researches broadly within mathematical physics with a focus on random matrix theory and related topics in statistical mechanics. Here’s his latest paper: Diffusion processes and the asymptotic bulk gap probability for the real Ginibre ensemble.

Further recent highlights from Australian Institutions:

Ground- state Bethe root densities and quantum phase transitions: The latest JPhysA publication from Jon Links and Ian Marquette at the School of Mathematics and Physics, The University of Queensland.

Mark Gould and Phillip Isaac from The University of Queensland: Reduced matrix elements of the orthosymplectic Lie superalgebra. This paper was designated IOP Select for its novelty, significance and potential impact on future research and is free to view for 1 year.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Image Courtesy of Murray Batchelor.


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