Welcome to the CDT-CMP guest blog!


Welcome to the CDT-CMP guest blog! We are the Centre for Doctoral Training in Condensed Matter Physics (CDT-CMP), run jointly by the Universities of Bristol and Bath in the UK. Over the course of the next few months, we’ll bring you a series of blogs written by our new cohort of students on a range of topics related to their PhD studies in condensed matter. We hope you enjoy reading about their experiences, and what it’s like to be a PhD student in the CDT-CMP!

Jake AyresAyres Jake

Hello, I am Jake. I completed my undergraduate Masters at the University of Bristol and have now joined the Condensed Matter Physics CDT based in both Bristol and Bath. My Masters project involved the measurement of specific heat to elucidate the structure of the superconducting gap in unconventional superconductors. Whilst superconductivity is a primary interest of mine, I am looking forward to the chance to delve into a broader range of fields, as well as experiencing the opportunities in industry made available by the CDT.

Bannister NicolaNicola Bannister

I am a first year CDT-CMP student. I graduated from the University of Bath in 2015 with an undergraduate Masters degree in Physics. I am looking forward to exploring more areas of Condensed Matter Physics over the next few years and as yet haven’t decided which part is most interesting! Outside of work I enjoy baking, trampolining and mountaineering.

Dewan ChowdhuryChowdhury Dewan

As a kid, I enjoyed watching the sci-fi series “Stargate”. It led to my interest in advancing technologies—developing faster, more powerful, more efficient technologies. I started to pursue my interest by studying undergraduate Physics at the University of Bath. Now, I’m continuing my pursuit as a PhD student at the CDT-CMP. Fun fact: the CDT-CMP’s new logo was designed by me! Away from studies, I love playing tennis. My tennis ability has been improving at an incredible pace and this I personally owe to the researcher in me: curious, attentive to detail, and keen to always keep finding ways to improve.

Garcia-Ruiz AitorAitor Garcia-Ruiz

Two dimensional systems, superconductivity, plasmonics…all through my degree in Spain, I have witnessed the increasing importance of Condensed Matter Physics in our lives, and the discovery of a plethora of promising applications to construct a better future. Throughout my time in the CDT I expect to get skills, experience, friends, and hopefully, the possibility to broaden the frontiers of human knowledge.

Emma GilroyGilroy Emma

I just spent the last five years studying at the University of Glasgow. I graduated in June with MSci  in Physics. My main area of interest during my undergraduate was magnetism and creating models for chiral magnetic structures. I join the CDT-CMP in order to broaden my horizons before I pick what I want to specialise in. In my spare time I love reading, climbing and pole fitness.

Jensen TorstenTorsten Jensen

I’m a former undergraduate at the University of Liverpool, where I studied for four years. My final year project was on solar cells, and a specific property inherent in certain types of solar cell that can lead to reductions in their efficiency. I’m interested in studying the electronic properties of materials and how such properties could be influenced. Outside of Physics I’m an avid musician, playing keyboard and drums (and occasionally singing!), and have played in several bands.

Daniel LagosLagos Daniel

I studied Physics at National Polytechnic School in Ecuador. While there, I had the opportunity to work in security agencies, government dependencies and scientific institutions. These experiences have given to me not only knowledge, but also maturity and new friends. I am fascinated with Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) because most of the technological gadgets that we use daily are products of the research in this field. I hope to make significant contributions to CMP during my stay in the CDT-CMP program. My hobbies are table tennis and music.

Mercado ElishaElisha Mercado

Before joining the CDT-CMP I completed my undergraduate studies in Physics at Imperial College London where I spent my final year working on the fabrication and characterisation of organic semiconductor thin films and devices. My current research interests include novel materials and devices, optoelectronics and light-matter interactions. In my spare time I play the French horn and the flute, and I enjoy swimming and ice skating.

Lauren PetersPeters Lauren

I graduated from Oxford earlier this year and am excited to be starting my PhD at the CDT-CMP in Bristol and Bath. During my Masters I investigated the control of electron spin ensembles using a rotatable magnetic field, with potential applications in Quantum Computation. I enjoy visiting new places and meeting new people, and love to be outdoors both in mountains and on lakes!

Robarts HannahHannah Robarts

I’ve just graduated from the University of Bath and I am excited to be starting a PhD with the Bristol-Bath Condensed Matter Physics CDT. During my undergraduate degree, I spent a year working at the ISIS neutron source, which sparked my interest in experimental work. In my free time I enjoy writing, hiking and playing tennis.

Charles SayersSayers Charles

I graduated from Cardiff University in 2014 with my dissertation focussing on the optical properties of nanoparticles. As part of the CDT-CMP, I’m hoping to learn about other aspects of Condensed Matter Physics including photonics, metamaterials and superconductivity. I’m primarily an experimentalist with an interest for both fundamental Physics and application. My free time is taken up drinking coffee and riding my bike as much as possible.

Waite RichardRichard Waite

I graduated from Durham University and am currently a PhD student in the CDT-CMP based in the Universities of Bristol and Bath. My final year project involved the measurement of the magnetic moment of manganese in MnO2 monolayers using polarised x-ray absorption spectroscopy (circular and linear magnetic dichroism). As well as studying, I plan to spend as much time as possible walking and swimming along the South West coast of England.

CC-BY logoThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Images provided and used with the permission of the students.

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