Throwback: this time last year with JPhysA


It’s week 45 of 2015. Here’s a look back at some highlights from this time in 2014. 


jpa499436f23_onlinesizedWhat was on the cover?

Conjugation properties of tensor product multiplicities

by Robert Coquereaux and Jean-Bernard Zuber

In their 2011 paper, ‘On sums of tensor and fusion multiplicities‘, the authors proved the total multiplicity in the decomposition into irreducibles of the tensor product λ ⊗ μ of two irreducible representations of a simple Lie algebra is invariant under conjugation of one of them; at a given level. Here, they present a refined version of this conjugation property.


martin-evansCondensation transition in joint large deviations of linear statistics (Free to view)

by Juraj Szavits-Nossan, Martin R Evans and Satya N Majumdar

The authors provide a detailed theoretical analysis explaining a phenomenon in which condensation is exhibited for non-heavy tailed distributions, provided random variables are additionally conditioned on a large deviation of certain linear statistics and, demonstrate it in several physical systems.

Martin Evans is the journals Editor-in-Chief and Satya Majumdar is also on the journals editorial board.


Fast Track Communication (FTC)*:  Parafermionic conformal field theory on the lattice

by Roger SK Mong, David J Clarke, Jason Alicea, Netanel H Lindner and Paul Fendley

Here, the authors demonstrate their progress in connecting fields in parafermion conformal field theory to microscopic lattice operators in the three-state Potts model. They construct lattice analogues of all local physical fields, of which only some were previously known.

Paul Fendley, based at the University of Virginia, is currently a member of the journals editorial board.

*FTC’s have now been replaced by Letters. For more information and to submit a Letter to JPhysA click here.

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