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Guest Editors for the issue are Tobias Kuna at Reading University and Sandro Vaienti at Aix-Marseille University – we would like to thank them for their hard work to bring the issue together. Please click here to browse the collection.


special issueq-entropy for symbolic dynamical systems

From: Yun Zhao at the Department of Mathematics, Soochow University (China) and Yakov Pesin at the Department of Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University (USA).

In their work the authors use the Carathéodory construction to introduce the notions of q-topological and q-metric entropies for symbolic dynamical systems.



The fluid Earth is an excellent example of a forced, dissipative non-equilibrium system dominated by nonlinear processes and featuring multi-scale interactions.

This collection consists of reviews and original research articles which span the full spectrum from mathematical papers addressing general questions, articles considering these questions for more realistic problems in theoretical physics and articles that apply new mathematical tools to concrete physical situations with application to the Fluid Earth system.

The complexity of this system and its phenomena are presented in relation to the statistical manifestation of large scale systems in the asymptotic regimes far from equilibrium; where loss of memory and recurrence prevail.

Contributed articles will be listed on the Mathematics for the fluid Earth homepage upon acceptance.

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