Magnetoelectronics – electric field control of magnetism in the solid state

Understanding the coupling between the magnetic and electric properties of solid state materials, otherwise known as the magnetoelectric effect, is attracting much interest. The resurgence of research in this area is two-fold according to Guest Editors Carlos Vaz and Urs Staub.

Read moreOn one hand, there is a technological drive towards the discovery of new materials with multifunctional behaviour, both in the context of near-future bottlenecks predicted for CMOS devices, where size scaling is expected to reach several physical limits (associated with large tunneling currents, large power dissipation, minimum size for CMOS operation) but also for the search of new functions, such as instant-on computers, intelligent data processing, ultrasensitive sensors and actuators, and so forth. On the other hand, there is a general basic science interest in understanding the physical mechanisms responsible for such effects, which are typical of strong electron correlations.

Some of the highlights from this JPCM special issue include the recent advancements in electric field control of magnetism using strain coupling, and multifunctional magnetoelectric materials for device applications. Both of these topical reviews are able to put results into an accessible format for both fundamental and applied scientists.

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