Teiko Heinosaari: An invitation to quantum incompatibility

Teiko Heinosaari is a theoretical physicist with interest in mathematics and quantum theory. He has spent time working and studying at the Research Center for Quantum Information in Slovakia and the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is currently based at the Turku Centre for Quantum Physics at the University of Turku where he originally completed his PhD.

An Invitation to Quantum Incompatibility

Heinosaari’s review, co-authored with Takayuki Miyadera at the Department of Nuclear Engineering, Kyoto University and Mario Ziman at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia offers a concise overview of some of the central aspects of incompatibility.


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Overall this review demonstrates the presence of quantum incompatibility across quantum theory, providing a conceptual way to separate quantum and classical features. The image above shows a channel and observable illustrated as input–output devices.


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