2017 for the Journal of Physics series

After an excellent 2016 we’re now looking ahead to jam packed 2017 for our journals. Spoiler alert: we have a lot going on…


Image by Paul Downey published under CC BY 2.0.

Image by Paul Downey published under CC BY 2.0.

The Journal of Physics series is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary next year and we have some exciting things planned for our authors and readers.

Throughout the year we will be publishing papers across our Emerging Leaders series. Each of the Journal of Physics series is publishing a special issue highlighting the work of emerging researchers, all within 5-7 years from achieving their PhD. These emerging leaders have been suggested by our Editorial Board members so their work is not to be missed!

As well as looking forward to the future, we have also been exploring the rich past our journals have and their history of publishing quality, important papers in their respective fields. Our collection of viewpoints, mostly written by authors of the original articles, highlights the impact and influence of these seminal papers.

After the success of our JPhys50 conference in China earlier this year, further receptions will be hosted throughout 2017 at key conferences. Fingers crossed for an invite!

Reviewer recognition

PeerReviewWeekLogoYou may remember from Peer Review Week that from 2017, IOP Publishing will be publishing their list of top reviewers from the previous year, based on quality, quantity and timeliness. The best reviewers from each journal will receive a certificate and be listed on the journal’s webpages. Will you be one of them?


In the continuing theme of reviewer recognition, next year we’re partnering with Publons, a free service which enables reviewers to track, verify and showcase their peer review contributions. IOP Publishing reviewers can now seamlessly have their reviewer records updated in Publons with the click of a button. Reviewers will even receive recognition if the reviews are anonymous and the manuscript is never published. As of the start of next year, reviewers for participating journals will get the option to have a verified record of each review they do added to their Publons profile. By default, only the name of the journal and the year of the review will be displayed, so anonymity of the reviewers is completely protected. Just sign up to become part of the Publons community.

Special issues

As well as continuing to publish quality papers on a regular basis, the JPhys journals are planning on publishing a whole host of special issues to highlight hot topics from our research communities. JPhysD are publishing a 5 year follow up to their 2012 Plasma Roadmap, while JPhysA will be publishing 17 review articles in a special issue on localization techniques in quantum field theories, as well as their annual best paper prize. JPhysB meanwhile will be looking at the problems of light energy conversion and light harvesting, so keep an eye out throughout the year!

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