Help celebrate British Science Week

Next week begins an exciting 10-day program of events across the UK, celebrating science, maths, technology and engineering. British Science Week (10-19 march) is aimed at involving all ages from all backgrounds in science, raising awareness of its wonders and achievements.

Who knows? Some of these awesome events may even help to help inspire the next generation of British scientists to become the next Isaac Newton, Rosalind Franklin or even Isambard Kingdom Brunel?

Although here at IOP Publishing we are a global company with a global audience, we are not ones to ignore exciting events happening in our back yard. In and around our home city of Bristol alone there are over 10 events on a range of topics:

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery are going back to the prehistoric age with a Dinosaur takeover where children can take part in a dino-dig and learn how to examine fossils. Elsewhere in Bristol, we have the Bristol Science Film Festival where on the 16 March they’ll be discussing the issues facing women in STEM, with a special screening and panel to talk about the themes from the film. With today being International Women’s Day this topic is in the thoughts of many organisations and companies as we try to improve the number of women working in science and engineering.

Events such as these are happening all over the country so make sure you check out what is happening in your local area and get involved in promoting, and more importantly enjoying science.

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