Are you going to APS March?

On the 13th March thousands of physicists will descend on New Orleans for the annual APS March meeting.  The condensed matter conference will see 105 invited sessions and approximately 600 contributed sessions during which over 9,600 talks will be given.

In addition to these talks, a large exhibition will be held on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Many companies attend, and if you can find the IOP booth (located at number 111) in this vast hall we would very much like to meet you for a chat.  You can also pop by the exhibition hall on Monday evening for the welcome reception.

I can’t finish this post without mentioning my personal favourite event at the conference – the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Physics Sing-Along“.  This is tremendous fun, and a must for anyone who is as interested in music as they are physics.  Listen to the performers transform well-known songs using physics lyrics.

Hope you can join us at the conference!

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