Image of the week: Chemisorption of Hydrogen on Graphene

Our image of the week comes from Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter and a recent paper from Junje Zhang et al. investigating the chemisoption of hydrogen on graphene using molecular dynamics.

Chemical fictionalization of graphene and hydrogen storage are both generating significant research interest in the condensed matter community. In this work, the authors investigate how hydrogen chemisorption influences the mechanical properties of graphene sheets.

Fracture nucleation of graphene in uniaxial tension at 3 K. Left and right part in each subfigure shows MD snapshot of graphene before and after fracture. Atoms are colored according to their values of von Mises Stresses. (a) AC; (b) AC-H; (c) ZZ; (d) ZZ-H. Image take from J. Phys. Cond. Mat. 195001© IOP Publishing 2017.

They revealed that hydrogen chemisorption deteriorates graphene mechanical properties, and this effect is strongly influenced by chirality. Hydrogen chemisorption is also temperature dependent due to variations in graphene morphology.

To read the original paper, click here.

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