Complex fluids at structured surfaces

A recent special issue in JPCM covers the fascinating field of complex fluids.  The issue was Guest Edited by Julia Yeomans (Oxford University) and Paulo Teixeira (ISEL and Universidade de Lisboa), and they talk about the topics covered here:

Advances in controlling and exploiting the wetting and adsorption properties of complex fluids, such as liquid crystals, ionic liquids, colloids and active matter, have been fostered by impressive technical achievements allowing the fabrication of tailored surfaces with a well-controlled distribution of micro- or nano-scale features. Such patterned substrates may be used to control the properties of adsorbed fluids in ways relevant to applications including microfluidic devices, surfaces with switchable wettability, new generation liquid crystal displays, or supercapacitors for efficient energy storage. In this special issue we collect together experimental, theoretical and computational papers that showcase recent contributions to understanding complex fluids at structured surfaces. These underline the diversity of phenomena encountered when complex fluids interact with complex surfaces.

You can find all of the papers, and the preface, on this collection page.

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Thumbnail image from: Markus Wilczek et al 2017 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 29 014002


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