Applied physics

Light bite: 100s science video & the IYL

This week we bring you a video feature on recent research into new optical fibres and take the opportunity to showcase some top research from across the JPhys series on light and optical technology as part of the International Year of Light. Lasers, invisibility cloaks, plasmas, nanophotonics and more

Getting set for CSW 2015!

As a newer member of JPhysD’s editorial team I am excited to say that I, along with JPhysD’s publisher Tom Miller, will soon be headed to the sunny shores of California for Compound Semiconductor Week (CSW) 2015 in Santa Barbara.

Glow discharges and fast electrons

Glow discharges with electrostatic confinement of fast electrons, of which the best known example are hollow cathode discharges (HCDs), are widely used for diverse technological applications such as light sources, high-power electric switches and electric propulsion, amongst others. In a recent… Read More ›