Opening the way to new developments in integrability for the gauge/gravity duality

Recently Journal of Physics A published a special issue titled “an integrability primer for gauge-gravity duality”which grew out of a GATIS Young Researchers Integrability School held at Durham University in July 2015. The issue was made up of 6 topical reviews based on the lectures delivered at the summer school, aiming to provide a pedagogical introduction to integrability, particularly aspects relevant to the AdS/CFT correspondence.

3D topological semimetals

In their recently published Letter in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical researchers from the University of Adelaide have provided a topological classification scheme for generalized Weyl semimetals.  They talk to JPhys+ to tell us more about their research. Who… Read More ›

Role Models: how did you get here?

There has been much discussion over the past years about getting young people, particularly young women, into science and the effect of positive role models on young peoples’ decisions. Three young scientists, discuss how they got to be where they are, the people who played the most influential role in getting them there and what their influence meant to them.